Pristine Landscaping has completed a lot of jobs and we are pound of every single one of them. 

When we start a job we start it on paper first. We plan every aspect and every step of the procedure needed to complete the job. We even make a contingency plan in case of an emergency.

Below you can see few of the jobs we have done in the past. 

This job was in Oshawa

Client had a front yard with 25 degrees slope. He also had deep dips in the yard. We brought in excavator and flatten the ground with a continuous slope. Our team installed the 100% Kentucky Bluegrass for them. This picture is after 3 months sent to us by the client. They were happy, which made us happy.

This particular job was in Milton

Client had a big problem with weeds and the soil he had down was all dried up. We went in and dug out 4 inches of soil all around the backyard and the side of the house. After, we brought in quality Top Soil from a well known supplier. We level and graded the project and put down 100% Kentucky Blue grass for them. 

This job was in Aurora 

Though this job was a small and easy job, but we were asked to make flower beds all along the fence. We also filled in 8 spots for flower beds with triple mix and black mulch. Client provided all the flowers and our team planted them in. We installed a contractor grade 25 years guaranteed weed fabric in each and every flower bed to make sure they never get any weeds in their flower beds.

We take pride in our sodding expertise. Below is the common procedure we follow for all sodding jobs

  • 100% certified Kentucky Bluegrass straight from the Farm.
  • Sod is 2.5 inches thick and lush green. 2'x4.5' 

We are a professional company who takes pride in sodding.

For every project, this is our common procedure. Decide it for yourself if its worth it for you:-

  1. We use Sod cutter to completely remove the old existing grass from your property. Sod cutter removes the existing grass and an inch of your old soil.
  2. After removing all the existing sod, we start working on edging to make sure the finishing height of the new grass is coming flush to the ground around the grass.
  3. Next step would be to do a semi-leveling of the whole project to see the dips and bumps on the ground.
  4. After step 3, we bring in our screen Top Soil, this soil is pre-fertilized and has all the nutrients to give your new grass a new life for years to come.
  5. Our experienced levelers will grade the whole project with the Top Soil while making sure you have a 2% gradual slope away from the house. This is to make sure you don't get any water issues later.
  6. After making sure the whole project is perfectly leveled and graded, we move on to start sodding.
  7. We always unroll the sod rolls opposite to the house. We do sodding in a brick lay fashion. So, no side of the sod roll is exposed to sun. While sodding, our sodders make sure that every sod roll is properly tucked in, not too tight and no spaces between them.
  8. Finally we do a complete check of each sod roll to make sure every thing is just perfect. And then when we leave we take all the removed old soil and grass with us and dump it.

We are not one of those people who will just come and till the area and put minimum to no new Top Soil and lay the sub par sod rolls and give you a discounted price.

If you are willing to pay for our services and materials then we take no short cuts or easy way out. We go an extra mile to make sure you get what you paid for. And if we you are not happy, you have the right no hold the payment.

We work all over the GTA and even further than that. Please call us today and have a brand new lawn the way you wanted for years to come. CALL us at 647-786-6065

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