A Complete Solution for Your Landscaping Vision.

We at Pristine landscaping know what exactly your yard needs. We use top quality grass and we never change our sod supplier. We stand by our quality as we know what goes into the grass we install for you. 

Sod Installation

We are proud of the quality of our sod. We use 100% Certified Kentucky Blue Grass from Markham. This grass is known to be lush green in sunlight and shade. The sod roll is much thicker than its competitors. We have a team of professional sod installers.

Flower Beds

Having a well made flower bed in the midst of the new grass, gives your lawn an edge over any other lawn in the neighbor hood. Our team is exceptionally trained to give your lawn a well deserving flower bed. We can create any design or shape you desire.


While sodding is the best way to get a new and instant lawn. But sometimes you just want to give your old sod a chance at life. This is where seeding would be the best bet. We can asses your lawn and identify the areas which needs extra care.


Grading the soil and project is the most important step in sod installation. You can have lush green sod and the best soil, but if your project is not graded the way it should be then you will face a lot of problems. We grade the project at a continuous slope of 2 degrees away from the house.


Our team is capable of giving your yard a well deserving fence to keep out the wild life. Having a fence around your yard makes it look more finished.

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We only use 100% Certified Kentucky Blue grass and we only have one supplier, because we know the quality of the sod. We have this supplier for about 3 years now. So we know exactly what sort of sod you will be getting. 

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